Partner Profile

Partner Profile

Colby College is a true leader in campus sustainability, and we are very proud to be working with the staff on this organics diversion program. Kevin and other Colby staff members are constantly looking for ways to minimize the campus’ environmental footprint and maximize their “green” efforts. Since working together, Colby has successfully diverted many tons of food scraps and compostable ware from its kitchens as well as from special events on campus.


James Lachance, Executive Chef for Bon Appetit, Colby College

Agri-Cycle EnergyPhotos by Brian Fitzgerald.

“We changed our composting vendor at the beginning of last year to Agri-Cycle and we are quite happy. The benefits to Colby are numerous: (1) the pickup process is more convenient and less work for our staff; (2) we can send Agri-Cycle a wider variety of compostable food and products which means less sorting on site; and (3) it is less expensive than our previous composting process and substantially cheaper than the landfill. As a result of switching, our composting numbers have increased dramatically, which continues to save the College money, as this waste is not being landfilled.  Rarely are there solutions for waste streams that are convenient, less work, and less expensive, but we have found one and are quite happy that we have!”

—Kevin Bright
Sustainability Coordinator
Colby College
Waterville, ME