Agri-Cycle was established in 2013 to support sister company, Exeter Agri-Energy (EAE), itself an offshoot of Stonyvale Farm, a 5th generation dairy farm in Exeter, Maine.

In 2011 the anaerobic digesters were installed on the farm to help with manure management and to help diversify revenue through manure conversion to biofuel. What began as a way to preserve the viability of a family farm, has blossomed into a timely and successful business. Recognizing the demand for sustainable solutions among companies generating food waste, Agri-Cycle was created as the collection service that helps them meet their recycling goals.


Both Agri-Cycle and EAE have grown exponentially over the years. EAE now has three digesters working 24/7 to turn food waste and manure into the greenest energy on the planet. Agri-Cycle trucks transport food waste five days per-week from our business partners to our processing partners’ anaerobic digestion facilities, making it easy for environmentally responsible businesses to become part of a sustainable food waste solution.

Learn more about Stonyvale Farm’s history at the Exeter Agri-Energy site.


Willis J. Peabody (then patriarch) and family at the farm in Exeter (c. 1935). Willis’ daughter married a Fogler and the rest, as they say, is history. The Fogler family has been working the land at the farm since the late 1800s.


The farm started as a commercial operation in the early 1950s with only 17 cows. Today, the farm has over 2000 animals on site—1200 milked each day and more than 1000 young stock—with storage for 6 million gallons of manure.