Dan Bell, CEO/Partner

Dan Bell brings over a decade of exceptional business skills, developed primarily in his work in the real estate industry, to the Agri-Cycle team. A graduate of the University of Maine at Orono, Dan is most recently the owner and president of BellPort Property Management, where he employs close to 20 individuals who help him manage a portfolio of more than 400 properties. Dan’s considerable success is a function of his strategic thinking as well as his ability to adapt to change with speed and professionalism, skills that are invaluable to Agri-Cycle.

Shane Albert, Chief Operating Officer

Most recently Shane Albert, a Milford, Maine native was an Accountant for a Maine medical supplier, and has now been handling the accounting and finance responsibilities here at Agri-Cycle since 2016. His attention to detail and critical thinking skills are crucial for our day to day operations, and his experience in the volatile medical field has helped him in transitioning to the dynamic waste management industry. Shane received his MBA from the University of Maine at Orono in 2019 and is continuing his growth & development as a young professional.

Geno Gervais, General Manager 

Geno comes to Agri-Cycle with decades of experience in the solid waste industry. From humble beginnings as a route driver, Geno has risen through the ranks of some of the Country’s largest solid waste companies, gaining knowledge and experience necessary to adapt in an ever-changing environment. With a focus on operational efficiencies, sustainable business practices and human resource management, Geno is an integral part of the Agri-Cycle team.


Greg Williams, Director of Waste Solutions

Greg Williams came to Agri-Cycle in 2014 with diverse experience in the organics industry, including sales, consultation, business development, and operations. While completing a Master’s in Community Planning & Development at the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service, he researched the feasibility of implementing a curbside organics program in Greater Portland. He received an award for the idea from ecomaine in 2008, and presented the idea to the Portland City Council in 2009. Williams also successfully started and managed a commercial composting business in conjunction with the City of Portland before joining Agri-Cycle.

Holden Cookson, Director Of Business Development

Holden has been a dynamic force in the food waste management sector since his collegiate days at the University of Maine at Farmington in 2013. It was there that he discovered his passion for sustainability, working alongside experts like Mark King of the DEP to revitalize (the now flourishing) Farmington Compost Cooperative’s composting site.

During the intervening years, Holden has been instrumental in guiding numerous businesses, communities, and corporations to either kickstart or significantly enhance their food waste recycling services. His efforts have not only contributed to the growth of sustainable practices but also fostered a culture of environmental responsibility across various sectors. Holden’s vast knowledge extends beyond composting and AD; he is equally versed in food waste reduction and donation practices, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of what it means to be Food Full Circle. This expertise has been crucial in developing innovative solutions that not only divert waste from landfills but also support food security efforts by donating surplus food to those in need.


Marc Draper, Senior Operations Manager

An Exeter, Maine native, Marc Draper has been with Agri-Cycle since 2014, and currently serves as the company’s fleet manager. Marc’s 25-plus years of trucking experience have proven invaluable in managing a broad network of collection routes for both solid and liquid organics in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Evan LaPointe, Routing and Compliance Manager

Evan came to Agri-Cycle in 2017 after working in various roles in the customer service industry. A Maine native, he has lived across this great State in Windham, Orono, Gardiner, Bar Harbor and now Portland. With past work environments emphasizing a customer focus, timely service and a detail-oriented approach, he found the perfect place to land with Agri-Cycle. Evan is heavily involved in daily operations of the company and works closely with the management team & drivers to ensure that we provide superior customer service while maximizing efficiencies.