Exeter Agri-Energy


EAElogoAgri-Cycle works with a growing network of processing partners who turn your waste into energy. One of these partners is our sister company, Exeter Agri-Energy (EAE), collocated with our parent company, Stonyvale Farm. Manure from the farm’s 2,000 dairy cows is combined with food waste in EAE’s anaerobic digester for efficient conversion into biofuel and fertilizer.

The EAE facility features 3 anaerobic digestion vessels, totaling 3.2 million gallons of treatment capacity. The facility operates a 3-MW anaerobic co-digestion system that generates 70,000 kWh of electricity daily, enough to power as many as 2500 households annually. The amount of heat produced on a daily basis is enough to replace 2100 gallons of heating oil, which on an annual basis is sufficient to heat 900 homes.

Additional Partners

Laforge Bioenvironmental

St. Andre, New Brunswick, Canada

Laforge Bioenvironmental Biogas is a leader in bringing green solutions to the province of New Brunswick. It produces three million kWh of electricity per year, which is fed into the NB electrical grid, powering more than 300 homes. The facility also generates 13,000 metric tons of nitrate-rich fertilizer annually, which is spread on surrounding fields.

Lewiston Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority

Lewiston, Maine

The anaerobic digestion facility at the Lewiston Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority consists of two mesophilic digesters with a capacity of 690,000 gallons each. The facility digests approximately 45,000 gallons per day of thickened activated and primary sludge—producing more than 14,000 cubic yards of digested material annually—which is either land-applied or sent to the Authority composting facility in Auburn.

Vanguard Renewables

Rutland and Hadley, Massachusetts

Vanguard Renewables operates two anaerobic digesters in Massachusetts: at Jordan’s Dairy Farm in Rutland and Barstow’s Longview Farm in Hadley. The company markets fertilizer products derived from digestion. The biogas produced at each site is used to power small combined heat and power units, which provides electricity and heat to the farms’ buildings. Surplus electricity is distributed through the power grid.

Ag-Grid Energy

Granville, Massachusetts

Ag-Grid Energy partners with some of America’s premier dairy farms to finance, build and operate digestion & waste-to-energy facilities. Their vision is to convert agricultural and organic waste into renewable energy & compost while supporting sustainable local area practices. Currently Ag-grid Energy operates several digestion sites at dairy farms in Massachusetts & Connecticut, and they are growing quickly.

Calling all digesters!

If you’re an anaerobic digestion facility and you’re interested in partnering with Agri-Cycle, we’d love to hear from you.