Partner Profile

Partner Profile

The Good Shepherd Food Bank has contributed tons upon tons of food to Maine’s undernourished populations over the years, and has more recently begun working with Agri-Cycle on diverting its spoiled or damaged food products from the waste stream. It has been a privilege working with Sam Michaud and his team on this initiative, and helping them to ensure that any food items that cannot be directed toward the hungry in Maine will at the very least be managed in a way that results in a healthier climate for all Mainers.

Sam Michaud, Vice President Operations, Good Shepherd Food Bank

Agri-Cycle Energy Photos by Brian Fitzgerald.

“Working with the Agri-Cycle team is easy and enjoyable. They are always available when needed and respond promptly to any requests or questions we have. When we’ve needed additional service, they have always been willing to make the extra visit to accommodate us.  As a nonprofit organization, we have limited resources and are always looking for the most cost effective and efficient way to do our work.  The professional team at Agri-Cycle worked with us to create an efficient pickup process that fits in with our busy schedule. By working with Agri-Cycle, we can dispose of non-edible products in a safe, cost effective manner and save more of our resources for our mission of ending hunger in Maine.  Thanks to Agri-Cycle, the Food Bank is saving money and staff labor that we previously spent dealing with waste.  This allows us to put our focus and more of our donors’ dollars into purchasing nutritious foods for people in need. Every dollar saved is a dollar that can provide 4 meals to a Maine family facing hunger!”

—Clara Whitney 
Director of Public Affairs
Good Shepherd Food Bank
Auburn, ME