Partner Profile

Chris Merriam and his staff at Sable Oaks were among the first of Agri-Cycle’s partners. Their leadership in food waste recycling and other sustainability initiatives has been a model for hotels throughout Maine and the region. Chris’ dedication to this program has not wavered, and he always keeps an eye out for ways to improve his staff’s efforts and, in turn, boost the operation’s diversion rates.


Marriott Sable Oaks Photos by Brian Fitzgerald.

“As part of our Certified Environmental Leader initiatives, Agri-Cycle has been a valuable service for us.  They have made composting a user-friendly program for us by providing the bins and working out a timely pick-up. The cost is offset by the tonnage we are not putting in our dumpster, which would be incinerated otherwise. We appreciate that Agri-Cycle is a multi-faceted operation that creates energy, fertilizer, and animal bedding. We know that our food scraps are going to good use.”

—Chris Merriam
Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Manager
Marriott Sable Oaks, South Portland, ME