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  • Grocers
  • Restaurants
  • Residential Drop-Off Locations
  • Others

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  • Brewers
  • Production Facilities
  • Ice Cream/Dairy
  • Others



  • Distribution Centers
  • Large Producers
  • Grocer Mass-Loss
  • Others

Our diverse fleet includes rear-loading collection trucks for toter service and tractor-trailers for hauling up to 8,500 gallons of liquids and 65 yards of solids, as well as palletized waste materials.

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What You Do

If you care about the planet and want to use sustainable practices at your business, town, or school, call Agri-Cycle today to customize a program that meets your needs and goals. Agri-Cycle makes it easy for you to become part of a sustainable waste solution by working with you to customize a service based on your needs. All you have to do is put your food waste in our totes and we’ll take it from there. If your organization needs to dispose of packaged food, we can take that material as well; check out the FAQ on our state-of-the-art depackager.

What We Do

Agri-Cycle operates a fleet of trucks dedicated to both solid and liquid food waste collection. We accept all types of food waste including produce, meat, seafood, and dairy, as well as brewery and other industrial food waste. Our fleet is capable of collecting palletized packaged food waste, either as part of our scheduled routes, an emergency or an on-call basis.

Who We Work With

Agri-Cycle works with hundreds of partners throughout the Northeast, making it the premier organics hauling company in the region. Our business partners include supermarkets, restaurants, universities, distribution centers, food processing plants, corporate cafeterias, school districts, municipalities, and hospitals. Agri-Cycle works in conjunction with sister companies, Stonyvale Farm (a fifth-generation family business) and Exeter Agri-Energy, as well as a growing network of anaerobic processers who convert food waste into electricity, fuel, fertilizer, and other beneficial products. Our unique model is a fusion of Maine’s independent farming tradition and energy innovation. Waste collection is a critical component: Agri-Cycle brings food full circle.

Call us today to discuss how we can customize an efficient collection service to meet your specific needs.