How much will it cost?

We’ll meet with you at your location to determine your needs and provide an estimate. Our service is extremely competitive. What’s more, by removing food scraps—the wettest and heaviest portion of your waste stream—you can save on your trash bill by reducing the number of weekly pickups and, in some cases, downsizing to a smaller container.

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What do you use for containers?  

Typically, we use 32-gallon or 64-gallon totes, lined to help keep them clean.


How do you collect the food scraps?

We have a fleet of standard rear-loading and top-loading rendering trucks, similar to those you see collecting municipal garbage.


What can I put in the totes?

Everything you’d put in your backyard compost pile—vegetable and fruit trimmings, eggshells, breads and grains, meat and fish scraps, diary products, soiled coffee filters, and paper towels.

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Will it stink? What about animals?

We customize our collection schedule to pre-empt unwanted nuisances, like odor and animals. Liners help keep odors to a minimum by preventing residue build-up inside the totes.


Do you wash the totes?

Each time we empty a tote, we wipe it down before inserting a new liner. In extreme summer heat, we will make special arrangements to wash your totes or assist your staff in doing so.

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What do you do with the food scraps when they get to Exeter Agri-Energy or their designated processing facility?

All of the food scraps processed at the Exeter Agri-Energy anaerobic digestion facility and at other partner facilities are converted to renewable energy, animal bedding, or soil amendment products.


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What about food waste that has expired in its packaging. Do I have to separate it?

We accept damaged or expired packaged foods, including items in metal cans, plastic jugs, and cardboard boxes. These materials require a higher charge due to the additional disposal costs at the site. Please note: We do not accept packaging with a low volume of waste or anything packaged in glass.

Agri-Cycle EnergyPhotos by Brian Fitzgerald.

How do you get the food out of the packaging?

We load the packaged food into the depackaging machine, which uses a series of paddles and screens to separate the food from the packaging.  


My current trash bill is a flat fee no matter how much I throw away. What do I do?

If your current hauler is not willing to adjust the service for you to encourage recycling, we can provide the names of other haulers who would be happy to work with you.


Do you have any marketing materials, such as window stickers or table tents, if I want to publicize our efforts?

Yes. And we are happy to share them!




Want some? Just ask.

Do you do any staff training? How about signage that clearly states guidelines?

We offer staff trainings upon request and provide signage that clearly states what we can and cannot accept.

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